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If you have any comments about your child's experience at the Katie Weatherston Hockey School, we'd love to hear from you. Please fill out the comments box.


  • Katie's Ottawa Camp

    Posted By Kelly on 11/26/2010 11:44:03 AM

    Thank you for making my daughter's experience fabulous. She loved every minute of it and we will be coming back next summer!
  • Father of 1st year Atom player

    Posted By Greg Smith on 11/29/2010 2:02:29 PM

    You and your team were phenomenal in promoting a fun, interactive and encouraging atmosphere for these girls to learn. I can only speak for my daughter and pass on her enthusiasm, experience and great memories she spoke of at the end of each and every day. You have not only opened her eyes to see the player she can be, but provided her with a new found love for the sport, a desire to be the best she can be (on and off the ice) and a true role model to follow. Please pass along my sincere thanks to your dedicated Team Katie, but more importantly thank you. A player of stature could have easily stood back and just directed, but it was your personal interaction with the girls one on one that truly left a lasting impression.

  • Mother of 1st year Bantam player

    Posted By Denise Therens on 11/29/2010 2:04:01 PM

    I was totally amazed by your camp today. What an incredible team you have. Everyone helping the kids seemed like they really wanted to be there. They never missed a thing and their words of encouragement were simply astonishing. Seeing you, Katie, skating around and supporting your team and the kids was incredible to watch. It was really neat seeing you taking the time with the kids when you wanted them to improve on a skill, especially one on one. You can tell that you thoroughly enjoy what you do. Thank You for making this experience such an amazing one for our daughter.

  • 'Katie Said'

    Posted By Jolene Andrews on 12/4/2010 8:32:40 AM

    Katie said!

    Since our daughter has been doing your hockey camps we hear about the tools- both on and off the ice- that she has learned with the typical line .. "Katie said this or Katie said that"  She entered your program a few years ago not being the strongest, fastest or skilled player, but a little girls with a huge heart and determination for the sport of hockey. In 2009 she won the EDGE Award in Thunder Bay and she carries that title like it was Olympic Gold!  Because of the tools you have taught her, she is becoming everything she can be and more!  Katie has spoken at our local school here in Kenora and at the end of the day our little boy came home and asked if he can do the Girls Hockey Camp too!  LOL  The pure power of her presence empowers children to be all that they can be -regardless any shortfalls life hands them.  Thanks for taking the time to be a part of of our lives and our community.

    Jolene and Joe Andrews - parents of 2nd year Atom - Kenora Ontario

  • Camp

    Posted By Kaitlin on 12/13/2010 2:14:23 PM

    I have been going to this camp for about 4 years, and have followed it wherever it goes! It's an awesome camp, and I have learned a lot. This past year I learned a lot about stick handling, and improved by backhand and my shot. The staff are alway very very nice, and helpful. I love this camp, and will hopefully be in it as lng as I can :)

    Kaitlin, Kenora, ON

  • Thank You Katie !

    Posted By Emelie Robertson on 12/19/2010 3:35:40 PM

    I was thinking that I should say how great of an excperience your hockey school was, I learned a lot of how to improve my game. I arrived there, hopping to improve on my skating, epecially backwards, also to learn tips and techniques for game time.  Well I definitely learned not just that, but more, which I am so happy about. It was really great that the drills improved, or even changed my technique, and it showed how important it is to do things right. There were so many good coaches, that if you did one thing wrong they corrected it right away. That's not something I'd get at my pratices in Geraldton or even in Schreiber. I have to admit I wrote all the things that I learned, ( for example, hockey stance!) and need work on in a book so I wouldn't forget, and could work on them during the year. 
    The thing that topped everything off, was the jersey, (that was something I definitely wasn't ecxpecting!!:). I couldn't thank you enough for it. I just couldn't believe it then, and I still can't now! It was something, I really appreciated, and always will. I guess to sum things up, is that I had a blast that week!!   You run a great program, I had a lot of fun... Thank You!   I hope to talk to you again,  Emelie :)

  • Xmas Camp 2010 in Rockland ON

    Posted By Rock Guindon on 12/23/2010 10:55:01 AM

    Merci to you Katie and all your staff. You provided a great positive atmosphere on and off the ice for my daughter Cassandra. The professionalism and friendly smiles of you and your staff was a perfect recipe for a successful all girls hockey xmas camp.

    Merry Christmas...

  • Kinburn Hockey camp

    Posted By Doug Marshall on 1/5/2011 8:06:12 AM

    I want to take the time to say thank-you for providing such a well run and informative camp.  It is nice to see the structure and flow of the skill developement (on and off the ice).  The girls are learnig and developing the basics without realizing it!  The instuctors knowledge and ability to demonstate and explain with enthusiasum and involvement was amazing (Truely show the passion for hockey).  My hats off to you and your instructors.  This was one of the best camps I have seen.  Great job 

  • Claire's improvement

    Posted By Sophie Cushing on 1/15/2011 5:25:00 PM

    Hi Katie,


    I just wanted to tell how amazed we are on how much Claire's game has improved.  Since the camp, Claire has goen onto the ice with more confidence and determination.  She feels sthe now has better skills to battle the puck and drive the net. 


    It is wonderful to see my girl give her heart out like that and she feels she can celebrate her skills.


    Thanks again,


    Claire's Mama

  • Thank You!

    Posted By Geoff Hains on 2/21/2011 9:47:18 AM

    The flip shot Chantal learned at the last camp has proven to be a lethal weapon.  She has used it to score some "highlight reel" goals.

  • Thank you Katie & Team

    Posted By Rachel on 3/20/2011 1:26:06 PM

    Dear Katie and team, I had a pleasure at the Kanata camp
    today and yesterday at the Bell Sensplex, and would like to thank all of
    you very much. My dad has never seen such a well constructed hockey camp
    before, and he has been coaching hockey for 20 years! I am signed up for
    your Ottawa camp, through the days of August 15-18, and was hoping to be
    instructed by your marvelous goalie coach, Maddie. I have never been so
    well coached! Will Maddie be at the Ottawa camp in August? Thank-you
    again for organizing all of these camps, it will be my fourth in August!
    And, kudos for Maddie for handling the three goalies today. Sincerely,
    Rachel Glofcheskie Bantam House C Goaltender 

  • Thank You Katie

    Posted By Robert Pinilla on 3/21/2011 8:08:27 PM

    I just want to thank you as Hannah had a great time last week at camp. It was a great confidence boost for her. She had a great time and was really happy that you were able to teach her how
    to raise the puck. She wants to try out for competitive this year and I think your camp was a big part of that. Although Hannah realizes she has an outside chance of making competitive, she feels confident that she will be a better player this season with some of the skills you taught her no matter where she plays. I was happy to see at the end of the day how hard you had the girls working and everyone was having fun.

  • Fundamentals Camp Week

    Posted By Rachel Lamont on 7/25/2011 10:37:33 PM

    Kaitlin had a great time at your Fundamentals Camp last wee. She is tellilng everyone about the techniques that Katie Weatherston has taught her. She learned alot during the week and built alot of confidence. She went on to play her "best game ever" on Sunday night. Great camp!! Hope you have it again next year.

  • Request

    Posted By Confidential on 7/28/2011 7:25:09 PM

    My daughter attended your camp this summer and was in the older group category. Although she mentioned having a great time with the other girls and instructors she did say to me that the camp was a little boring because of the stations. I didn't feel like she learnt as much as she could of if they would have been allowed to do full ice drills throughout the week. I understand the usefulness of small groups, however, I don't believe that she had the opportunity to practice any 'game situations'. The ratio- coach/players was enough to do long ice drills.

    In hopes that you consider this request.

    Yours truly. 

  • Thanks for a Great Week !

    Posted By Natasha Chambers on 7/31/2011 10:53:19 AM

    Avery and Ella had a lot of fun at the hockey camp you ran at Ottawa U. It was a really positive experience and Avery is looking forward to another winter of hockey. I felt you were organized, did not waste any time, and LOVED the no nonsense approach you had with the girls!! Keep up the good work.

  • Converted Figure Skater to Hockey Player!

    Posted By Janet Kalef on 8/3/2011 10:55:05 PM

    Thanks katie, my daughter is really enjoying your camp, this is her first time playing hockey and you have successfully converted her from figure skating. Thank you!!!!

  • RE: Nepean Hockey Camp - Thank You!

    Posted By Barbara Oatts on 8/4/2011 10:50:45 PM

    I wanted to thank you again for a great camp. Natalie really enjoyed the all-girl composition and felt the camp really helped her improve. She found it tough but really good. She has been to a few camps in the past 2 years and yours was her favorite so far.

  • Best Camp Ever !

    Posted By Yasemin Watkins on 11/23/2011 11:34:09 PM

    My daughter attended Katie's camp in the  summer of 2011.  It was hands-down the best hockey camp she's ever done and well worth the drive from the US.  Each summer, my daughter attends a hockey camp at a prominent Ivy league school close to where we live.  I asked my daughter how Katie's camp compared and without hesitation, she replied, "Katie's camp is far more challenging.  I had really nice and patient instructors who were all happy to work with us."  As a parent, I observed probably the best instructor / student ratio in any of the camps we've done.  As well, Katie, with her wealth of competitive experience, is motivating and inspirational to the girls.  Bottom line: the camp was a great learning experience, great value and lots of fun.  Thanks Katie.

  • Sophie's hockey school experience

    Posted By Doug Carey on 3/23/2012 6:14:21 PM

    We think that Sophie learned very much at your Spring Break Camp at the Senplex. Sophie is playing with more confidence and ability as a result of your Hockey School. Sophie also commented on how helpful, and knowledgeable your instructors where. Sophie has 2 goals and 2 assists in her last three games. This has doubled her season output. Thank you and your staff for a great job.

  • A Wonderful Experience!!

    Posted By Dana on 4/2/2012 2:00:28 PM

    For Christmas we gave our daughter the March Break Hockey Camp at the SensPlex. This was her first year playing and starting at PeeWee and although she did fantastic as Defense, (and even got a goal!), her confidence was a little low as the season was ending. She was not sure she could keep playing next year, however she was anxiously awaiting her Camp. Both of us were so impressed with the week's activities packed full of action and learning and IT WAS FUN! She would get in the Jeep each night and always had a really good new thing that she had learned to go on about. And things not new to her but that she could actually DO them now.  And great Instructors along with Katie being hands on involved. Now instead of hearing "I don't know if I should play next year" all I am hearing is....."When are the tryouts Mom?? I laugh at her because she knows when they are :-) !! And for her birthday she was very happy to receive......another session of Summer Camp and she is so looking forward to it that it makes me feel really happy! It was money well spent - worth every cent. Thank you Katie, Adam, and all the Instructors. 
    From Mom Dana
    from Maggie - Thank you so much!!

  • Improvements Noticed!

    Posted By Denise on 4/3/2012 12:01:09 AM

    We noticed a huge improvement in Naomi's stick handling and skating! She really improved as a result of your camp...and even scored a beautiful goal in her last playoff game - thank you! We were very impressed and would rec'd your camps to others.

  • Amazing Camp

    Posted By Jarrett Thompson on 7/11/2012 9:36:41 AM

    My daughter had and I say had a problem with her skating. She skated on her outside edge. We spoke to many people and coaches about how to fix it. It was frustrating for her as it prevented her from keeping up with her teammates. It made her even not want to go to hockey sometimes.

    We put her in Katie's camp hoping it might help.

    On Monday Katie identified it and on Tuesday she continued to work on it. And on Wednesday as I stand here watching.... It has been fixed.

    I can't tell you how it makes me feel to watch her skate around and try an get my attention to show me that she is skating like everyone else. She is so filled with smiles. 

    They have spent one on one time with her and I can see the visible improvement everyday in all her skill levels. 

    The off ice stuff is great as well and my daughter is coming out with a huge smile,tired, with new friends and a higher level of confidence. 

    I am proud of her and I am also proud of this hockey camp. I have played hockey my whole life and I have coached competitive minor hockey for a while. I have learned so much from just watching how Katie is on the ice with the girls. 

    Katies instructor team is absolutely awesome as well. 

    I have never posted a testimonial before. But if you have a daughter and you want her to learn, improve and have fun check this camp out. It is awesome. 

    I only wish she would do a boys camp for my son. 


    Jarrett Thompson

  • Thanks for a great camp!

    Posted By Jim on 12/13/2012 11:46:42 PM

    Katie, I can’t tell you how much my daughter improved at your camp last summer. She has gone from not being able to stop at the beginning of last season to leading the league in scoring (novice house). She got a lot of that improvement and confidence from your camp. She still tells me she wants to win medals like yours!

  • Great Christmas Camp!

    Posted By Andrew on 1/7/2013 9:06:15 PM

    Our daughter attended your recent Christmas Camp. She really enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun with the coaches. She loved both the on and off-ice skills training and we noticed a big improvement in her backwards skating afterwards.

  • Miss You Already!

    Posted By Caroline, Abby, & Garth on 3/14/2014 9:27:26 PM

    Thanks so much Katie!!  We went out for supper tonight and on the way home, Abby says: "I miss Katie already!" Lol. Abby really had a lot of fun  at your camp and learned so much. I can't believe you got her raising the puck. She hasn't done that before today. I have to say your camp is very organized, educational and tons of fun!! Can't wait till July for your summer camp!  Take care,

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